在任何时候,电子游戏都是惊人的,他们值得沉浸。这听起来有点奇怪,但仔细想想,作为一种媒介,视频游戏已经开发了一种超能力,可以显示图像的完整的游戏世界;它已成为最吸引人的内容包含互动媒体;我们可以在游戏中体会,不能在现实世界中实现的东西。游戏是很特别的。虽然游戏是主流娱乐媒体的最新,它提供了玩家很多难忘的内容,这已经超越了本身。1。自杀任务还有什么可以“质量效应2”更加悲惨和灿烂的比“自杀任务”中的“质量效应2”?游戏中,将广阔的世界建筑和精心设计的任务,仍然是历史上最好的奥运会。在游戏开始的自杀任务。In order to save the galaxy, you need to explore outer space, find partners and stop the destructive forces coming from deep space. At the same time, if you dont fulfill certain conditions for your partners in the game, no matter how many supplies you collected in the early hours of the game, many of your teammates will not survive the final task. You may have remembered the comrades who died in that attack. 无论你成功或失败来保护你的队友,绝望的最后一个任务在质量效应2是我们每一个独特的测试。2。指导员Miller是伪装成液体蛇--“合金装备”“我的太阳眼镜好看吗?”老实说,原来的“合金装备”充满了令人难以置信的时刻,所以制片人Shofu Ishima出现在人们的视野。Whether its an interrogation scene where you keep pushing crazy buttons, or hiding in a cardboard box, riding a high-rise armour and ramming against the enemy until dusk, its really one of the best games weve ever played. But we chose this moment not only because it was shocking in the story, but because it was as classic as the voice actor Cam Clarke, who was asked to perform a paragraph every time he appeared. Yes, the best moment is when you find that your opponent, Liquid Snake, has been impersonating your good friend, Instructor Miller. Its even more exciting when the frightened Colonel whispers to you that they found the real Millers body at Millers house. "Youve been talking to..." "I... Good brother." Thats a brilliant setting. 三。寻找和捕捉,面对华兰山洞的超级梦想——“pokbaby红/蓝/黄”让我们想起我们的第一次“pokbaby”。对于一个特定的生成,口袋妖怪包括电视动画片、电影和pokbaby粗红/蓝,在红色和蓝色,你只买了其中一个当你害羞。无论如何,穿越几个地下城,穿越广袤的土地,寻找不同的口袋妖怪的孩子自相残杀仍然是最独特和有趣的游戏体验,我们有。But beyond dreams is another matter. It was the villain in the feature film at that time, the "most powerful treasure" that nobody talked about in the prophecy, equivalent to the existence of Voldemort for many years. So far, we tracked it to Hualan Cave at the end of the game, and then we could domesticate and capture it. 这是一个无与伦比的意外发现。4。当宫本宝藏和他的团队第一次听到超级马里奥兄弟,超级马里奥的主题,加上早期合成的电子游戏的音乐,声音反映了一种纯粹的快乐。你可以哼几个小时开放的调整没有厌烦。It embodies the old-fashioned game style and plumber Marios courage to rescue the princess. From beginning to end, this game embodies the fantastic and optimistic fantasy escapism. 5。Experience the crazy and talented Hollywood front-line director Gilmore Del Toro in "P.T." and "Metal Equipment" producer Shofu Ishima co-authored "P.T." This is the unique Playable Teaser of "Silent Ridge". 这是一个第一人称视角的游戏,玩家反复探索小L形的走廊,但在每一个详细的探索。每一节都会改变。问题是,这场比赛是不是在Gamescom认真对待,“我们有一个试用版的该,值得玩”这样的介绍。The list of game development studios is fictional, and you can only see the trailer of New Silent Ridge after you have completed the relevant operations, starring Norman Reedus. Such marketing has led to some negative consequences. Although every one of us can experience the trial version later, this game has become a mystery forever. Since then, Shofu and Colome have split up, and P.T. has also been removed from the PS store. It is almost impossible for players who do not download it immediately to want to play the game again. 6。To defeat the first challenging Boss in Soul of Darkness, everyone will encounter one of the most painful bosses. In the course of battle, you will scratch your ears and cheeks painfully and wish you could throw the handle away. But once you beat him, you will feel extremely satisfied. The Dark Soul series and Blood Source series all test playerscourage purely, but what really arouses discussion is the BOSS players in the game. 当你继续闪躲,血条逐渐萎缩和命中数的积累,你可以打偶尔,这使得玩家倍感压力,沉浸在一种意义上的“在当下”。事实上,你第一次玩暗黑之魂系列,你会被折磨死。但你还是会一次又一次感动。无论是不死的,quelaag,或其他的怪物,他们把你推到极限,并击败他们的快乐是无与伦比的。7。随着Max Payne的释放和矩阵,用于电影和游戏超级酷的慢动作效果的第一次很常见,但治疗是在游戏中实现这个想法的第一个开发者。当“马克思佩恩”首次发布,其个人化的叙事风格,荣获英国电影和电视艺术学院奖和醒目的预告片都给人一种“你玩电影类游戏”的感觉,消除敌人在整个集团的影响,一直是的发展的亮点歌剧院救济的作品。8。泽尔达的传奇,一个宝箱的分数,有时增加了生命中新的元素,即使在游戏事业部一样,暗黑破坏神和命运。在泽尔达的历史上,总会在宝箱是武器或物品,你真的需要。像马里奥的神曲,80年代的任天堂游戏采取了一个光辉的海拉尔看世界。在泽尔达系列,曲调也增加了。随着时间的推移,曲调由和平的强烈,但从未偏离主题的崛起。9。Down with Hydra, the nine-headed snake. God of War is a game that really popularizes the Quick Response System (QTE). The big battle scenes and intense and exciting battles make God of War full of tension at the beginning. 当你进入游戏,看到克雷多斯面对九头蛇,你就会明白,这是神的战斗中,你一直在看。战斗的最史诗的时刻是当克雷多斯打破了heidela嘴里,按下按钮后,刺穿了怪物的眼睛随着船的桅杆。没有什么比战斗的老板,是吗?10。The Death of Alice, Final Fantasy VII, I would like to avoid those old fashion moments in this inventory, but if we want to choose a game moment that can withstand the test of time for many reasons, it must be time for despicable Safiros to kill Alice. When Alice fell, we were so attached to the polygon character on the screen that it wasnt the only reason we were on the list at this moment. The scene was so beautifully presented that it became a landmark scene. 你可以唱凯旋的音乐,你的红十三可以对着月亮嚎叫,和safiros可以烧掉Nibelheim的骨灰,但这并没有改变爱丽丝的死亡成为一个历史性的时刻,在最终幻想。11。关于这个苹果吗?”它为刺客信条III选择在刺客信条系列难忘的时刻是不容易的(更不用说在大革命露脸的人),因为见到米勒娃的刺客信条II第一次令人难以置信。虽然二人已经涉及超自然、科幻元素,剧情也在刺客信条3大幅改变。控制你的角色是一个圣骑士,这无疑是一种讽刺。你喜欢这些苹果是成就了呢?Pun means to show off. "Do you think its great?" You play for hours beforehand, playing Haytham Kenway, and you wonder why the person who appeared in the promotional material didnt appear in the game. 虽然它显示了一个聪明的方式,有圣骑士和他们的技能和思想的刺客没有区别,揭示了育碧的伪装,谁不是在刺客信条系列未来方向的确定。12。生存在第一次攻击--《生化危机4》和《生化危机4》是游戏设计的分水岭,代表着一个真正的转型革命,和第三的人的游戏不再像以前一样。当然,“操作回流”已过2006,和“战争机器”带来的“生化危机4的成就”。However, it is Biochemical Crisis that combines it with horror games, creating the most iconic and playable type of games in the history of games. As the protagonist, you come to the mysterious and deserted village alone, and the game reflects the pure "pagan" terror from the very beginning. You slowly explore it and load the pistol. 在这种情况下,villagersevil的意图是不是一个大问题。在骚乱结束后,疯狂的西班牙人刺伤你的叉子和给你一个原始咆哮。他们冲破了门、窗和涌向你。你向他们开火,把那些爬在你面前,你不停地奔跑和隐藏,当你以为你要杀了他们,一个神秘的声音叫他们离开。那么标题闪烁,你再次孤独。它是美好的。13。Running faster than everyone else - Sonic The Hedgehog. Do you want to know why people like Sonic so much? No matter how bad the series is, people are still tolerant of the little blue hedgehog. 因为它的前三场比赛,还是第一次在三场系列,非常不错,他们做了一个好印象,成为玩家最好的游戏体验他们经历过的。声波的适时出现,使它更具影响力的西方在上世纪90年代,比任天堂的水管工马里奥。马里奥的热情收集金币相比,声波是唯一的超级大国的蓝色刺猬,和平和紧迫感,穿迈克尔·杰克逊的鞋。在那个时代,这大概是世界上最酷的性格。起跳,跳的高,飞几公里秒。目前,许多游戏人物了。但就表现而言,很少有人能超越音速。即使在这个蓝色的刺猬为家的二维平面,作用几乎是无敌的。14。莎拉的死,“我们”的视频游戏可以激发我们的情感共鸣,但如果它不显示更深的情感体验,它真的有一些负面的“第九艺术”的名字。几十年来,从来没有听说过的球员可以为他们的角色有纯洁的感情。在最终幻想7的死亡归因于扎实的写作技巧和人们的欲望,进入那个世界。但最后的幸存者的开口端与悲剧。The protagonist, Joel, holds his fatally injured daughter in his arms, and the actor Troy Baker, who shows the shock of facing reality, perfectly reflects the characters in the game. From this moment on, you know that "The Last Survivor" has no mercy on the players. Although the ending of the game is impressive enough, this unusual opening establishes a causal relationship for the whole story, even more powerful and profound than most of the plots of the game. 15。在晕开疣猪,游戏中有趣的人物,不能忘记光环系列超级士兵中士,谁做的射击游戏家用主机的趋势和主导整个行业超过十年,成为最有影响力的游戏类型。除此之外,Bungie的最伟大的成就,晕的的创始人,我的教科书显示如何使用各种武器来建立一个优秀的射击游戏的关卡设计。其中,“安静制图机”早期的“光环”是一个我们会经历多次。无论是荣誉勋章诺曼底登陆的情景:在前线,疣猪战车炮控,或先锋建筑的探索,每一寸的细节反映了生产者的意图的设计细节,并在所有方面,使得Bungie在同龄人中脱颖而出。* 16。替父报仇--“红色死亡救赎”是游戏的一个开放式的情节驱动的方式获得更多的移动观众的叙述比电影和书。In "Wild Bodyguard", the game allows players to find their own enemies to kill their fathers and make their blood repayment. In the tragic final battle of the game, decades after the government agents surrounded and killed the protagonist John Marston, we began to play the only son of the lonely hero and commenced the journey of revenge after remembering his fathers grave. After searching for cocoon-stripping clues, we finally found Edgar Ross, the fishing agent who led the agent to eradicate his fathers culprit, by a small river. Hes getting old, but you still show your identity, shoot all the bullets in the gun, and let his body drift with the stream. 西方的故事已经结束,而“野保镖的标志:赎回”慢慢浮现。正如标题所说,我们的主人公完成了自己的“救赎”,而这种挽歌致力于西部,Rockstar也取得了他在游戏行业中的地位。17。第一个真正的人的经验,无论是在黄金眼的分屏模式,晕或时空分裂者,或在网上值班火箭联赛和调用,可以被认为是一个生死攸关的时刻当你与你的队友或其他玩家在游戏中的竞争。你可能有很多这样的经历,挤在一个朋友的房间,进了硬分屏模式,激情和热情的尖叫声在你的耳朵当你的球队去赢得一个在线死亡竞赛。Game as a new medium based on player response and presented with a large number of animation effects, when you confront other players in it, you can really get great fun. 18。Childhood favorite game machine boot screen PS4? 不,Xbox One?不,3DS,PSP,Wii U?Well, neither. 是PS1。This is a big change. The Nintendo host N64 in the same period has its own logo and is loved by more people because of its exciting Mario series at that time. At that time, CD-ROM appeared in our vision, Crash Bandicoot was released, we had more powerful processors, Games became the mainstay of popular culture, it was at that time that PS1 came out. It is the efforts of well-known composers such as THX Audio Certification Company and Hansteimer in the game industry that make even the sound effects of the game boot have the power to infect peoples hearts. So whats the most impressive game moment for you?